More than eight decades of service

About Us

Ghulam's Story

Our company was established in the year 1935 in the name of Ghulam Mohammed. With our main location in Manama, we have been occupying our current premises in Manama Suq since 1960. We are well versed in Tailoring & Textile business. As a leading supplier of Uniforms & its accessories, we are one of the main garment merchant and dealers in the Kingdom of Bahrain as well as in the GCC.

Our total five branches having more than 100 qualified & experienced tailors as well as the technical staff has the capacity of providing any quantity of Uniforms for Police, Army, Navy, Air Force, Security, Hotels, Hospitals, Cooks, safety Uniforms for Fire & Industrial purpose, Overalls, Boiler suits, Karate Suite, Lab coat, Dust coat & its accessories like Peak Caps, Leather Belt, Nylon Web Belts, Lanyard, Whistle, Aguellettes Shoulder Epaulettes etc.,

We also deal in Import/Export of high quality woolen fabrics & above items. We are also specialist in hand Embroidery & machine Embroidery Flags, Embroidered Badges, Logo, Cap Embroidery, Name tags & any given designs, fashion designing etc.,

Modern Style

Off the rack clothing just doesn’t give you the modern styling that perfectly fits your body, your image and your lifestyle. If you’re as serious about looking sharp as we think you are, you deserve clothing that portrays the image you want to project: strong, confident and forward thinking.</p> <p>That’s why the custom garments you receive from Ghulam Mohammed have a modern style with a classic foundation. Conservative enough to create credibility and stylish enough for you to stand out, this sensibility in styling extends beyond our suits to shirts, overcoats, thobes and uniforms.

Bespoke Quality

Here is what virtually all of our clients tell us. “I simply can never go back to off the rack.” The reason? The difference in quality and fit is so apparent from feel, fit and appearance that off the rack pales in comparison. All your clothing will be made from an exclusive selection of the finest cloths from Italy or the UK and personalized to your exact measurements and styling preferences for a sharp, flawless look.

Expert Guidance

To be great at what you do, you don’t have time (nor probably the inclination) to study trends, styles, fabrics, etc. But we do. That’s all we do. With years of experience in the industry and after having clothed thousands of professionals, we aren’t being boastful to say we know what we’re doing. As a result, you get expert advice. You want clothing that fits your unique shape, that works for your “audience”, that is comfortable and that matches your image. One thing you can be sure of: At Ghulam Mohammed, you’ll hear the truth. We will never let you leave looking anything but great.

Our Clients